Lesson 8

Real World Task

In this lesson you have a real task to work on!

  • We will give you a Wireframe (mockup, sketch, a draw) and a Spec (instructions you need to follow)
  • Using all the knowledge you acquired so far, and checking the lessons (and the internet, of course) by the end of the lesson you should deploy the website to your site: http://your-name.hackingheroes.org/lesson7
  • You should work as a team (3 elements) but in the end all of you should have your website online – teachers will check 🙂


  • Create at least 4 pages – with any subject that you like
  • Use a logo from our gallery
  • Use PHP variables for the first name concatenation on the message bellow the logo
  • Header should contain navigation for all the pages
  • The “box” with 3 pictures should be a “module” reused in all the pages


Download the assets folder with logos and stock images and use it in your project.


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