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FROM ZERO TO HACKING HERO is a project for middle and high school teenagers, teachers, and people working with young students. It includes programming workshops for youth ending with a 5-day long hackathon in Porto and teaching methodology workshops for teachers and people working with youth – both taking place simultaneously in Kalisz (Poland) and Espinho (Portugal). A key part of the project is an online platform for students and teachers.


FROM ZERO TO HACKING HERO is a project initiated by two friends-programmers – Dominik Kościelak and Joao Matos. Thanks to the support of befriended organizations Creative Initiatives Foundation /Kalisz, Poland/ and the Associação de Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Espinho /Espinho, Portugal / the project got the funding from the ERASMUS + Strategic Partnership for Youth Programme.


The idea of the project FROM ZERO TO HACKING HERO is not to teach the very basics of a few programming languages, but to convince the society that programming is for everyone and that it has already become, apart from one’s first language and foreign language, a third language that everyone should know the basics of to understand our constantly changing world better.

It is clearly not another project about basics of programming but a project that raises awareness of the world without barriers and borders and prepares the participants for being a part of the world in the digital era.


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62-800 KALISZ


Centro Multimeios de Espinho – ADCE
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